As of january 2017

01. Prof. Dr. Andrik Purwasito, DEA (Expert and Professor of Diplomacy and International Communications)
02. Dr. Ign. Agung Satyawan, SE, S.Sos., S.Ikom., M.Si (Expert on Economy politics, Negotiation, Legal Agreements, and Communication).
03. Drs. Budiarjo, M.Si. (Senior Lecturer on Pancasila, Governance, and Citizenship )
04. Prasetyo Hadi Purwandoko, SH, MS (Lecturer of Law, Humanities dan Perdagangan Internasional)
05. Drs. Sonhaji, M.Si (Senior lecturer on bidang Compartive politic dan Pemerintahan, Public Policy)
06. Leni Winarni, SIP, MA (Major on Islamic and Middle East, Conflict Management, Geopolitics and Eruropean Studies)
07. Lukman Fahmi, SIP, M.Si. (Major on Security , Peace and War, Entrepreneurship)
08. Salieg Luki Munestri, SS, MA ( Major on Linguistic, Humanitarian, and American Studies)
09. Randhi Satria, S.IP, M.A. (Major on Latin American Studies, terrorism, Transnational Crime, Economy Politics)
10. Septyanto Galan Prakoso, SIP., M.Sc. (Major on South Asian, East Asian and Australia-Pacific Studies)
11. Andriko Sandria, SIP., MA. (Major on Humanitarian, International Peace and Security)

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