Departing from the need and high demand for professional labor and competent which has noble personality in the field of international relations, increasingly competitive and complex, the International Relations Department prepare the expertise in the field of international cooperation and diplomacy. It means, our graduates have an ability in the field of negotiation, conflict resolution and peace, international cooperation and best skil in international communication. The present day the role of local goverment is very strong, needed international expertise to empowering potential local society to enter the busines opportunities and services in the global marketplace, for filling vacancies in the various institutions and companies both domestic and foreign, for example in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Indonesia, Idonesian institutions nationally and locally, also various institutions and foreign private companies, like foreign embodies, MNC, which are generally doing international business, agreements, and international cooperation.



Produce scholars of international relations who are intelligent, virtuous, professional, independent, and highly global competitiveness.



  • Provide education and teaching in the field of international relations, produce graduates who are intelligent, professional, independent, and virtuous-powered global competitiveness;
  • Conducting studies and research in International Relations, based on two concentrations, study and research on international cooperation and study and research on diplomacy;
  • Organize Community service as a form of implementation of International Relations.


Graduates Competences

Each graduate of International Relations Department has proficiency in analyzing, formulating agreements and international cooperation, expertise in the field of problems solving to business relationships, as well as build and develop international networking in the field of business, trade and international cooperation through bodies of international decision-makers, including international law, rules, and techniques of negotiation and also in international treaties.